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Routine Checkup

Regular Dental Check-ups

Whilst we appreciate that time is a precious commodity for many people, taking the time to visit the dentist twice a year (or as recommended) is essential to make sure that your teeth and gums remain healthy.

These check-ups allow us to spot any early signs of dental problems, and treat them where necessary. Although we appreciate that some people might feel anxious about their dental visits, we can assure you that you will be in good hands and early intervention helps to avoid serious dental issues.


Examinations are straightforward and involve our experienced dentists examining your mouth. In addition to looking for any problems with your teeth, they will also examine your gums for any signs of gum disease and potential signs of oral cancers. These are relatively rare but, if discovered, early treatment means a better chance of a positive outcome.

Generally speaking, examinations are carried out every six months; however some patients, such as diabetics, may be requested to see us more regularly due to being at higher risk of dental issues.


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