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Multiple tooth replacement

The use of dental implants to replace multiple teeth

Whilst individual dental implants are an excellent method for replacing a missing tooth; where a number of teeth have been lost, replacing them individually in this manner would be both costly and require extensive treatment.

At 186 Park Road Dental Practice, we offer our patients a number of options to replace multiple missing teeth using dental implants but in a much more cost-effective way. These methods offer a much more stable and secure way to restore your smile and the function of your teeth than traditional dentures.

Implant supported bridge

Where a small number of adjacent teeth have been lost, a common restorative treatment is to use a dental bridge. This is effective but the usual procedure involves the preparation of the remaining healthy teeth either side of the gap to attach crowns which hold the bridge in place.

A more secure method is to use individual implants at the end of the bridge to secure it in place. Not only does this mean that otherwise healthy teeth can be left alone, but that, once placed and integrated, your bridge will be held firmly and securely in place for many years to come.

Implant stabilised dentures

Stabilised dentures

A common complaint of denture wearers is that their dentures become loose. This is usually a result of bone loss in the jaw, rather than the quality of the actual dentures, but, whatever the cause, it can cause problems with eating and the wearer’s confidence.

Whilst there are alternatives to dentures available (see below); for those who are otherwise happy to wear dentures but would like additional stability, dental implants may be used to hold them firmly in place.

All on 4, 5 and 6

A popular alternative to dentures where a full arch of teeth has been lost, is a procedure often known as ‘All on 4’, or sometimes, ‘Teeth in a day’. This involves the use of 4, 5 or 6 dental implants to firmly anchor a fixed bridge of replacement teeth in place. The number of implants used will depend on each person’s situation.

The front positioned implants are regular dental implants and are placed into the jawbone at the usual ninety degrees. The rear dental implants though, are especially designed to be placed into the jaw at around a forty five degree angle which offers a number of significant advantages.

Not only does it offer  additional stability to the fixed bridge but also means that it can often be placed with no prior need for a bone graft even where the bone has degraded. Finally, the additional security means that once the fixed bridge has been attached, the patient can leave our Park Road Practice in Crouch End with a fully functioning new set of replacement teeth.


We will offer full advice regarding aftercare during your appointment. Initially, it is worth nothing that, although you can resume eating once the bridge has been fitted, it is advisable to start with softer foods; partially to help the implants fuse correctly, but also for your own comfort. You can build back up to a full and normal diet in the weeks after the procedure.

For more information on any of these revolutionary procedures, please call 186 Park Road Dental Practice on 020 8340 7660.

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