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At our Park Road dental practice in the borough of Haringey, we put a great deal of emphasis on preventative oral health care. To support you in the care of your teeth and gums, we offer the services of experienced and friendly dental hygienists who not only provide teeth cleaning and gum disease checks, but comprehensive dental education too.

Hygienists play an important part in the fight against gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK.

Scale and Polish

Our mouths naturally contain gingival bacteria which is responsible for gum disease if allowed to get out of control. Saliva flow, combined with brushing and flossing usually removes much of this. However, there are places in the mouth which are extremely difficult to keep clean ourselves, and this is where a professional clean, or scale and polish, is an effective tool in the fight against gum disease.

A scale and polish not only helps to improve the appearance of your teeth, but also allows the hygienist to remove tartar, the hardened form of plaque, from the teeth and gum line. By doing so, patients can reduce the risk of gum disease and associated problems such as bleeding gums and even potential tooth loss.


Dental Flossing

As well as the practical aspect of a hygienist’s role (see above), they also have an important role to play in educating patients about their oral hygiene.

Your general teeth cleaning habits may be addressed, and methods of improving will be discussed, particularly the importance of interdental cleaning, whether by floss or interdental brushes. Lifestyle choices too may be considered, including whether you smoke or not, and your general diet.

Young children especially, can benefit from visiting a hygienist as this helps them to understand why it is important to look after their teeth well. Advice given early on in their lives, can help to set them up to have strong and healthy teeth and gums throughout their life. Children are eligible to be seen by our hygienist from the age of five years old. Fluoride applications for children are also available, where appropriate.


The Airflow system available at our 186 Park Road dental practice in Crouch End, uses a combination of bicarbonate, water and compressed air. It is a highly effective method of removing stains from the teeth, leaving you with a brighter smile and fresher mouth!

The following treatments are available.

  • Airflow stain removal + Hygiene (45 mins) - £140
  • Periodontal cleaning (60 mins) - £120
  • Periodontal cleaning (45 mins) - £85
  • Periodontal cleaning (30 mins) - £65
  • Hygiene and preventer for children (20 mins) - £35

To arrange an appointment with our hygienist at 186 Park Road Practice in Crouch End please call us today on 020 8340 7660

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