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Progression of gum disease

Gum Treatment

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK. For this reason, we put great emphasis on the gum health of all our patients at 186 Park Road Dental Practice. Regular visits to our hygienist play a major role in keeping gums healthy, both through professional cleaning and education. Where problems arise though, treatment is available to help restore the gums to good health.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment of the gums offers a less invasive method of treating some cases of gum disease. It uses a very fine laser to remove any bacteria and dead gum tissue. The root surface of the tooth is then cleaned of any built up tartar (hardened gingival bacteria) and the laser light finally used to clean up any remaining bacteria. By using a laser, rather than surgery, wounds are immediately cauterised and bleeding should be minimal.

Dentomycin Gel

Dentomycin gel contains an antibiotic that has been shown to fight gingival bacteria. It can be applied directly into the gum pockets where the bacteria are growing. It is generally used in cases of moderate to severe gum disease and is a non-invasive option which may be used in conjunction with other gum disease treatments.

Deep Clean

When gum disease advances to a point where the bacteria have attacked below the gum line, including the bone that holds the teeth in place, a specialist branch of dentistry known as periodontics is needed. Unlike a professional clean by the hygienist, this is a more invasive procedure that is performed using a local anaesthetic and it involves accessing and cleaning down to the roots of the teeth themselves.


The Airflow system is commonly used in the polishing of teeth. It is, however, also an effective way of reducing built up tartar on the teeth and gum line. Using a mixture of water, fine powder particles and compressed air, this is a non-invasive way of cleaning the teeth and gums of hardened bacteria.

Flap Surgery

Gum flap surgery, or gingival flap surgery to give it its medical name, involves the separation of the gum and tooth by folding the gums back temporarily. This is most often performed on patients with moderate to advanced gum disease and enables the dentist to access the roots of the teeth for cleaning. It is performed using a local anaesthetic to ease any discomfort that might be felt.

For healthy teeth and gums, make sure that you keep regular dental and hygiene appointments at our Crouch End dental practice. Please call 186 Park Road Dental Practice to arrange an appointment on 020 8340 7660.

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