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When dental decay occurs, one of the most common procedures to restore the tooth is through the use of a filling. Traditionally, dental fillings have been made from amalgam, but modern advances now mean that they are also available in materials which replicate the natural colour of the tooth whilst retaining the strength of a traditional filling.

At 186 Park Road Dental Practice, we offer our patients the option of having a white dental filling made in the same shade as their natural tooth, which means that the filling cannot be seen.

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam has long been the standard material used in dental fillings. It is a combination of metals, usually including silver, mercury, tin and copper, and its use has been widespread for many years due to its strength and durability.

Whilst this is naturally important in order to retain the function of the teeth, amalgam does have the disadvantage of being a very dark colour and is especially noticeable when we smile. Furthermore, amalgam is more invasive than white filling.

For this reason, we recommend white cosmetic fillings which offer both strength and the aesthetic appeal which amalgam simply can't.

What are tooth coloured fillings?

Cosmetic dental fillings are metal free and are usually made from a combination of powdered glass, ceramic and a resin base to hold it together. The degree of whiteness can be adjusted to match that of the tooth being filled.

Advances in dental technology now means that white fillings not only offer a much better visual appearance, but also match the strength of traditional amalgam fillings too.

Our dentists are always happy to discuss any questions about cosmetic white fillings, or indeed any questions at all, relating to your dental treatment.

You can contact the team at 186 Park Road Dental Practice, by calling on 020 8340 7660. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your dental needs.

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