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Bone grafting

Bone Grafting

Providing that a patient has a healthy bone structure in their jaw, a dental implant placement can proceed in the manner discussed elsewhere on the website. For some patients though, an extra step may be needed where the bone in the jaw has deteriorated to the point that it may have insufficient strength or density to hold a dental implant securely in place.

Bone loss can occur for a number of reasons including advanced gum disease (periodontitis) or general, progressive bone loss due to the absence of a tooth in that area of the jaw. When this is the case, a bone graft may be necessary prior to your dental implant placement.

The procedure involves the use of bone either from the patient, bovine or synthetic sources. It is grafted onto existing bone in the area where the implant is to be placed and then left for several months for the bone to become fully established and  strong enough to support a dental implant.

There are three types of bone which may be used for the grafting procedure:

Synthetic bone

Synthetic bone material is available for use in these situations should the patient not wish to use human or bovine bone (see below). We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of using each material with you to enable you to make an informed decision.

Bovine bone

Bone used in grafting does not have to be from a human, and bovine bone can be harvested and used instead. This has a long history of success and is an established method of improving the bone structure.

Human bone

With any bone graft, there is always a risk of rejection. The lowest risk though comes when the patient donates the bone from their own body and this is usually taken from the chin, the rear of the jaw bone, or the hip or shin bone.

The success rate of bone grafts is high and we will discuss all the issues involved with you before a final decision is taken.

For more information about bone grafting or about dental implants in general, please call 186 Park Road Dental Practice on 020 8340 7660 and our team will be pleased to help.

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