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Children's Dentistry


Childhood is an important age for developing teeth and, for this reason, it is important to bring your child to 186 Park Road Dental Practice for regular check-ups. As well as the general health of the teeth, we also check to ensure that they are growing evenly and, where they aren’t, orthodontic treatment (braces) may be suggested.

It is widely thought that a positive dental experience at an early age helps children to avoid dental anxiety in later life, so, bringing your child to us from an early age (from one year old) can certainly help them to have strong and healthy teeth throughout their life.

How we make your child feel at ease with dental visits

Childrens dentist
  • our appointments for children are longer to allow us more time to explain what we are doing and help them to feel at ease
  • we help parents prepare their child by offering advice about how to explain what will happen during their visit with us
  • we use our many years of experience of children's dentistry to provide them with the most appropriate treatment in the most comfortable way

Our treatments for children

We offer a full range of dental treatments for children including fillings, extractions (when unavoidable) and preventative care such as fissure sealants.

Fissure sealants are an efficient and effective way of reducing dental decay and they are usually applied to the rear teeth which have a number of pits and grooves. Back teeth are more difficult to keep clean and bacteria easily become trapped, often leading to tooth decay.

By sealing these fissures, the risks of tooth decay can be decreased.

If you or your family need a dental check-up please call 186 Park Road Dental Practice on 020 8340 7660.

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